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  • ELISA Plate & Deep Well

      Features Designed for ELISA method Medical grade polystyrene Conform to SBS/ ANSI Both detachable and undetectable plates are available…

  • Tube Racks

    Microtube Rack, Molded with a numeric grid for easy tube identification, Chemically resistant to alcohols and mild organic solven.

  • Cell Culture Dish

    Cell Culture Dish, Flat transparent surface for distortion-free observation and Vacuum plasma TC treatment, excellent cell adherence.

  • Cell Culture Plate

    Cell Culture Plate with High clarity polystyrene and Nonreversible lids with condensation to prevent cross-contamination.

  • Cell Culture Flask

    Cell Culture Flask, Vacuum plasma TC treatment for better cell attachment.

  • Inoculating Loop

    Inoculating Loop, used in microbiology experiments and Flexible handles for easier collection and inoculation.

  • Petri Dish

    Petri Dish  (752001) with High clarity polystyrene and Flat transparent surface. Product Dimension : 50*50*36 cm  19.5*19.5*14.2 in

  • Serological Pipette

    High clarity polystyrene Used in tissue culture and bacterial culture experiments One-piece construction, individually wrapped Edged color-coded band for identification…

  • Solution Basin

    Sterile Solution Basin (25-0051) FEATURES Material: polystyrene Angled sides and V-shaped bottom permits easy access to solution Can be used…

  • Transfer Pipette

    Transfer Pipette (30-0138)FEATURES Polyethylene pipettes will not shatter or break. Good alternative to pasture pipettes and rubber bulbs. Perfect products…