BioDrop uLite+

The BioDrop µLITE is a UV/Vis spectrophotometer which has a novel in-built sample port with a fixed 0.5mm pathlength.


The BioDrop-µLite+ is a UV/Vis spectrophotometer which has a novel in-built sample port with a fixed 0.5mm pathlength. The fixed pathlength means that the instrument will continue to perform at the same reliabilty without the need to calibrate. The sample port improves the scientist’s ability to measure low volume DNA, RNA, oligonucleotides and protein samples. Concentrations are obtained quickly using a colour touchscreen to select pre-programmed methods in the on-board software. Importantly, users do not have to perform time-consuming sample dilution. A key application of direct micro-volume measurement is the quantification of dsDNA. To demonstrate the performance of the BioDrop µLITE, a series of experiments were performed to determine minimum sample volume, detection limit, reproducibility, linearity and sample carry over.

The BioDrop µLite+ has fixed pathlength microvolume port for reliability and consistency of results down to 1 µL of sample.  

At a range of 190-1100nm with pre-programmed Life Science methods on a 7” touch screen this innovative and versatile instrument will fulfil the needs of the most demanding laboratories.

The BioDrop microvolume sample port uses no moving parts. This means that the instrument provides excellent reproducibility without the need to recondition or calibrate. Measurements are also highly accurate because the pathlength of the port is highly specified to +/- 5 µm.

Product Description Brand Catalog
BioDrop µLITE+ Spectrophotometer with 0.5mm microvolume port Biochrom 80-3006-55
BioDrop µLITE with built-in printer Spectrophotometer with 0.5mm microvolume port and built-in printer Biochrom 80-3006-56
BioDrop Resolution CFR Software Full 21CFR Part 11 compliant PC control software Biochrom 80-3006-57


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