Gel Documentation System WSE-5300 Printgraph CMOS I

WSE-5300 Printgraph CMOS I is High Resolution 6M pixels monochrome CMOS camera applied with Touch panel & Mouse control system.


WSE-5300 Printgraph CMOS Ⅰ is High resolution 6M pixels monochrome CMOS camera applied with touch panel control system. Touch panel interface is reflecting ATTO original knowhow which is closing user-friendly for 30 years sales. Detecting by UV light source which DNA(EtBr) and detection CBB pattern with white flat LED light source. ATTO original「CyanRed Epi」is switchable LED light which are Cyan LED and Red LED. Cyan LED is available to detect a fluorescence in both blue and green wavelenth. Detetable EtBr which is difficult to detect in Blue LED. However, ATTO made its possible for UV free Gel Documentation System with CyanRed Epi. Save an image to USB memory directly or print out immediately with UP-X898MD thermal printer.

WSE-5300UV  Printgraph CMOSⅠ UV Model
Printgraph CMOSⅠMain unit・UV Box・White Flat LED
1 SET ATTO 2305305
WSE-5300CR Printgraph CMOSⅠ CyanRed Epi Model
Printgraph CMOSⅠMain unit・CyanRed Epi・White Flat LED
1 SET ATTO 2305302
WSE-5300A Printgraph CMOSⅠ ALL IN ONE Model
Printgraph CMOSⅠMain unit・CyanRed Epi・UV Box・White Flat LEDThermal Printer
1 SET ATTO 2305310


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