About Us

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PT.Indolab Utama was established on May 29th,2008 as a private limited company in Jakarta. Our main business mostly on Biotechnology, Microbiology and Life Science products. Our products are used by life scientists who are asking fundamental questions about biological processes as well as by scientists who are applying scientific knowledge to diagnose and treat diseases, discover new therapeutics, and use genetics and DNA testing for human identification. We have consistently provided solutions to various markets and application needs and offer a wide range of innovative products to our customer. Our company has been serving laboratories needs all over Indonesia since 2008. With more than 4000 items we provided to meet customers applications and satisfaction.


Our customers located in all over Indonesia. We have good relationship with our customer such as Research Institutes, Food and Beverage Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Hospital and Universities. We are working through Sub-Distributors and dealer /local companies throughout Indonesia to give a better service to customers related to delivery time of the item we supplied.


In early 2016, we have two Sub-Distributor who will be our channel partner to give more faster response to our customers . Our channel partner is located In East Java (CV.Biotek Prima Indoplus) and West Java (PT. Mitra Utama Indolab). If you want to see more details about our channel partner please go to Contact Us in our website. With this channel partner we hope that customer will get more benefit and we will always “ Serving Science Better” .

Our Brands