Slide Stainer DP360

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Slide Stainer DP360


  • 1.72 m wide, 220 kg automatic bench multistainer with a robotic cover slipper assembly
  • Integrated robotic transfer station from racks to slide mounting station


  • Up to 360 slides/h
  • Automat with both Oven and Heater solution – 26 (2 x 13) positions for tanks, 4 of which are tempered:
  • 4 places for cleaning tanks that can be transformed into reagent tanks
  • 4 places for the entrance and exit of the slide racks, 2 of which can be transformed into reagent tanks
  • High-speed robotic arm (1.3 m/s) for handling and moving the slide racks


  • Reagent change settings in days or number of slides
  • Real time monitoring of slide staining cycle
  • Visual indication of reagent quality (green, yellow, red)
  • Report of slide staining cycles (traceability)
  • AAT (Automatic Adjusting Technology) reagent saving system that optimizes slide contact time according to reagent quality
  • Automatic temperature management of tempered tanks (25°C – 40°C)
  • Traceability with automatic recording of treatment data

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