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The MUPID-exU is a new generation submarine electrophoresis system and includes a detachable, multi function power supply, direct visible gel box with high UV transmittance, a safety shut-off interlock cover, multichannel compatible gel loading combs, gel pouring stand, and a built in timer for set runs or continuous run modes.

COMPLETE SYSTEM : Unit includes ONE electrophoresis system + ONE gel maker set (4combs, 1 large tray, 2 small trays, 1 gel casting stand)

Features :

  • Complete UV-transmittancy : Made of highly UV-transmittable plastic, allowing direct observation of bands during electrophoresis by installation of the bath on a transilluminator.
  • Multisample analysis (support for multipipettors) : Allows simultaneous electrophoresis of 104 samples with a single gel. Wider than the conventional Mupid® series and can form 13 or 26 lanes, enabling sample loading with multipipettors.
  • Timer function : The timer can be set within the range of 1-99 minutes (with alarm function). Moreover, a memory function setting is provided for storage of the previous timer and output settings.
  • Variation of input and output voltages : Input voltage supports 100-240V, allowing worldwide use. Output voltage can be selected from 7 levels.



Mupid-Exu Submarine Electrophoresis 1 Unit Mupid



Mupid-Exu milik Indolab sudah terdaftar di E-Catalogue, klik disini untuk mengetahui lebih detail.

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