IQ Granula Ice Maker

The ICE QUEEN series produces ice diced or granular ice, while benefiting from its vertical cylindrical evaporator and high resistance spindle.


The IQ series produces ice diced or granular ice, while benefiting from its vertical cylindrical evaporator and high resistance spindle. In addition to its traditional uses in the food and health sectors, granular ice has been keenly incorporated into other activities such as spas and therapeutic treatments. The oversized condenser in both versions (air-cooled and water-cooled) is well-suited to hot climates. The ice production system is simple, reliable, and with no electronics, as well as being prepared for hard water areas and difficult operating conditions. The easily detachable body is made entirely from stainless steel AISI 304. The IQ machine comes complete with a water filter, scoop and ice distributor “in situ”. Both versions are manufactured with 220V/50Hz and 220V/60Hz and three phase 380V. The IQ machines allow you to regulate the moisture content depending on the different applications and uses allocated to the ice which it produces, or according to user’s own preferences.

IQ machines can produce two types of ice:

  • DIAMOND ICE, models IQ50C and IQ85C, specially designed for cocktails. The ideal type of ice for the latest trend in international hospitality: cocktails!
  • GRANULAR ICE, produced by all of the other machines in the the IQ range. This ice has a higher percentage of moisture, which means it is perfect for supermarkets, for transporting fish, fruit or vegetables, and for industrial applications in the food sector.

(*) The working conditions of the machines are for water with a hardness of between 15ºF and 40ºF. For water outside these parameters and especially in the case of hard water with a high lime content, filters or descaling systems are required.

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